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Andre Berto
Mar 24, 2015 / Andre Berto, Training camp, Berto vs Lopez

Trainer Tuesday: Tony Brady keeps Andre Berto in fighting form

Andre Berto
Mar 11, 2015 / Beyond the ring, Andre Berto, Training camp, Andre Berto

Chef Andre Berto is ready for his shot on Chopped

Andre Berto
Mar 9, 2015 / Training camp, Berto vs Lopez, Andre Berto, Josesito Lopez

Andre Berto ready to complete his comeback against Josesito Lopez

Keith Thurman and Dan Birmingham
Mar 3, 2015 / Keith Thurman, Thurman vs Guerrero, Training camp

Trainer Dan Birmingham tells what makes Keith Thurman so special

Abner Mares and Luis Garcia
Mar 3, 2015 / Abner Mares, Mares vs Santos Reyes, Training camp

Coach Luis Garcia helps get Abner Mares ready for battle

Adonis Stevenson
Mar 2, 2015 / Adonis Stevenson, Training camp, Interviews, Sakio Bika

Adonis Stevenson continues to heed the advice of late, legendary trainer Emanuel Steward

Ruben and Robert GuerreroPBC Boxing Video
Feb 25, 2015 / Robert Guerrero, Training camp

Family and boxing go hand in glove for Robert and Ruben Guerrero

Robert Guerrero
Feb 24, 2015 / Robert Guerrero, Training camp

Robert Guerrero goes to war with his father, Ruben, in his corner


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