Fight Night: Fri, Sep 11, 2015 - Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto

Stevenson vs Karpency

Montreal's Adonis “Superman” Stevenson defended his 175-pound world title for the sixth time with a third-round technical knockout of Tommy Karpency.
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Stevenson vs Karpency highlights: September 11, 2015

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  • —Adonis Stevenson’s staggering power was on display from the opening bell, as he buckled Tommy Karpency’s knees in Round 1 with the first of numerous thundering left hands.

  • —At the end of Round 2, Stevenson dropped Karpency with another hard left, sending him stumbling down to the canvas. He was barely able to beat the count as the round came to a close.

  • —As Round 3 commenced, Stevenson scored yet another knockdown, which was enough for referee Hector Afu to stop the fight and give Stevenson his sixth title defense with a TKO.

It was like a Canada Day display with fists in place of fireworks, as Adonis Stevenson battered Tommy Karpency in explosive fashion en route to a third-round TKO win in Toronto.

Stevenson’s power was on display early, as he buckled Karpency’s knees with a bruising left hand in Round 1.

Picking Karpency apart behind his jab, Stevenson landed another tooth-loosening left at the end of Round 2, dropping Karpency as the bell rang.

Karpency was able to beat the count—barely—and return to his corner to attempt to regain his composure.

It was to no avail, though, as Stevenson scored another knockdown at the beginning of Round 3, which was enough for referee Hector Afu to call off the fight and give "Superman” the sixth successful defense of his 175-pound world title with a TKO win.

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