Peter Quillin calm, confident after fighting to a draw with Andy Lee

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Peter Quillin has just gotten out of church, but it doesn’t seem as if church has gotten out of him just yet.

Peter Quillin Andy Lee

Peter Quillin scored knockdowns of Andy Lee in the first and third rounds during their draw Saturday night.

It’s the day after Peter Quillin fought to a split-decision draw with Andy Lee in a back-and-forth battle capable of leaving fans of either fighter with fingernails chewed down to the cuticle.

And while Quillin would have rather have gotten the win, obviously, he seems at peace with how things went down, testifying to his good spirits like a preacher on the pulpit.

“I’m used to always winning,” the still-undefeated fighter says. “It’s kind of hard to have to walk out of there with a draw. Other than that, I’m happy. I don’t even look like I’ve been in a fight today.”

Although the bout went the distance, it initially looked like it might be a short night for Quillin after he dropped Lee in the opening round.

Lee managed to gut out the knockdown and collect himself, however, demonstrating his resolve.

Quillin was measured in his attack after Lee got back on his feet, saying that he was wary of going for broke and potentially playing into Lee's hands. 

“My mind was just telling me to be smart,” Quillin says. “A lot of times when fighters hurt him, they go in there, and that’s when they get hit with his big right hook.”

After Quillin scored another knockdown in the third, he got a taste of that big right hook four rounds later, when Lee sent him to the canvas for the first time in his career.

“I don’t remember even being dropped,” Quillin says. “I’m not trying to take credit away from anybody, man. I’m just happy to have a fight like this on my record.”

That record remains free of any losses, but it houses an even more telling statistic: Over the course of Quillin’s 32 fights, he’s now scored 33 knockdowns.

Given the close nature of the fight, it seems like there would be ample demand for a rematch, though Quillin’s not sure what’s next for him at this point.

He may not have gotten the decision he was looking for against Lee, but he still feels like he won at least a little something that night.

“All around, it was a good fight,” Quillin says. “It was a victory in terms of fans liking what they saw from both of us.”

Stream the fight here.

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