author: Jason Bracelin

Deontay WilderPBC Boxing Video
Jan 13, 2016 / Deontay Wilder

After Wladimir Klitschko’s loss, Deontay Wilder sees opportunity to reinvigorate the heavyweight division

Miguel Flores and Mario Briones
Jan 13, 2016 / Flores vs Briones, Miguel Flores, Mario Briones

Miguel Flores starts the new year with an old-fashioned beatdown of Mario Briones

Deontay Wilder
Jan 7, 2016 / Deontay Wilder, Artur Szpilka

His hand healed, Deontay Wilder is eyeing early KO of Artur Szpilka

Jamal James and Juan Carlos Abreu
Dec 28, 2015 / James vs Molina, Jamal James, Javier Molina

Undefeated 147-pound prospect Jamal James returns to the ring against former Olympian Javier Molina on January 19

Rances Barthelemy and Denis ShafikovPBC Boxing Video
Dec 19, 2015 / Rances Barthelemy, Barthelemy vs Shafikov, Denis Shafikov, Thomas vs Gassiev, Isiah Thomas

Rances Barthelemy bloodies Denis Shafikov en route to claiming 135-pound world title

Rances Barthelemy and Denis ShafikovPBC Boxing Video
Dec 17, 2015 / Rances Barthelemy, Denis Shafikov, Barthelemy vs Shafikov

Rances Barthelemy ready to put his skills to the test in 135-pound title fight against Denis Shafikov

Isiah Thomas and Murat GassievPBC Boxing Video
Dec 17, 2015 / Thomas vs Gassiev, Isiah Thomas, Murat Gassiev

Isiah Thomas intent on putting an American face atop the 200-pound division as he prepares for Murat Gassiev

Rances Barthelemy
Dec 14, 2015 / Barthelemy vs Shafikov, Rances Barthelemy, Denis Shafikov

With his action-packed style, Rances Barthelemy is seeking to break the mold of the Cuban fighter


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