The weight is almost over for Shawn Porter

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It’s been a long time since Shawn Porter fought at anything other than 147 pounds.

Shawn Porter and Erick Bone

Shawn Porter didn't have any trouble hitting 147 pounds for Erick Bone, and he doesn't anticipate any trouble getting to 144 for Adrien Broner.

In 2010, Porter campaigned at 154—which was still on the light side for him after a high school football career. Since then, he’s found success at 147. Now he’s dropping down to 144 to fight Adrien Broner at a catchweight June 20 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT) live on NBC. And here you thought the move was to add weight the deeper a guy progresses in his career.

Early indication makes it seem that cutting to 144 isn’t going to be a problem for Shawn Porter, who was sitting at 154 five weeks before the fight.

“I feel great because I’ve never been this light this soon in camp,” Porter said. “I understand what that means leading up to the last week of camp.”

The catchweight might have been a point of contention for some fighters, a difficult part of the negotiation process or something undertaken grudgingly. Porter just laughs it off.

“That’s nothing to do with me at all,” he said. “They tell me what it is and I go for it.”

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