Fight Night: Sat, Jul 18, 2015 - Don Haskins Center, El Paso, Texas

Frampton vs Gonzalez

Carl Frampton overcame two first-round knockdowns to win a unanimous decision over Alejandro Gonzalez Jr.
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Frampton vs Gonzalez, Arreola vs Kassi highlights: July 18, 2015

Frampton vs Gonzalez Jr Round by Round Fight Summary. Rounds are displayed numerically as columns. Each row will display one of the following: W for win, L for loss, KO for knockout, or TKO for technical knock out. An empty column means that data is not available.
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  • —Gonzalez proved he came to fight early, sending Frampton to the canvas twice in the first round of the Irishman’s U.S. debut. The first was a lighter shot that could have possibly gone as a slip, but there was no doubt about the second one, a crushing right that landed on the button.

  • —Gonzalez didn’t back down from there, but Frampton never stopped putting pressure on. Frampton started breaking Gonzalez down in the fourth, sending him staggering to the ropes with a stiff jab.

  • —Gonzalez never went down, but he also never showed the volume and pressure he had in the first three rounds. Frampton’s sustained attack took its toll and he earned his first win on U.S. soil by unanimous decision.

Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. scored two knockdowns in the first round, but Carl Frampton took over after that and won a unanimous decision.

Frampton wanted to make a statement in his United States debut, and a statement he made, going hell for leather in 12 rounds of war with a game Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, though, put Frampton to the test early, scoring a pair of first-round knockdowns that had the Irishman in trouble.

Frampton bounced back and completely turned the tide by the fourth round, using a piercing jab for which Gonzalez had no defense, and a huge right that he worked over Gonzalez’s guard.

He also worked through excessive low blows for which Gonzalez twice was penalized a point, and earned a comfortable unanimous decision.

Carl Frampton and Alejandro Gonzalez Jr.

Carl Frampton dominated Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. after being knocked down twice in the first round. (Lucas Noonan / Premier Boxing Champions)

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