Fight Night: Sat, Dec 12, 2015 - AT&T Center, San Antonio

Figueroa vs DeMarco

Omar Figueroa Jr. outlasted Antonio DeMarco in a high-volume, 12-round scrap to remain unbeaten.
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Figueroa vs DeMarco highlights: December 12, 2015

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  • Omar Figueroa Jr. came out with an intense attack against Antonio DeMarco as he controlled the first half of the fight, applying constant pressure as he leaned on his opponent and unloaded with both hands.

  • DeMarco flipped the script in the seventh round and started landing more precise punches to climb back into the bout.

  • Although Figueroa's pace slowed in the later rounds as DeMarco roared back, the Texas native was able to hold on to win a slim unanimous decision and remain unbeaten.

Omar Figueroa Jr. hit Antonio DeMarco early and he hit him often. To the tune of 1,092 punches thrown on the night, he nearly doubled his veteran opponent’s output, and the high-volume attack lifted Figueroa to a slim unanimous decision in San Antonio.

Figueroa imposed his will in the first half of the fight, keeping DeMarco pinned on the ropes and hammering him with a relentless flurry of shots.

DeMarco, though, managed to figure out a way to both pivot out and punch his way out as the fight went on, starting in the seventh round.

Although DeMarco started connecting with the bigger shots, Figueroa’s output never seemed to slow.

DeMarco continued to rally over the later rounds, and he punished Figueroa in the 11th with an uppercut along the ropes that injected doubt into what had seemed like a certain outcome.

Both fighters abandoned all pretense of finesse or defense in the 12th, with DeMarco winning the final three minutes on all three judges' cards to tighten up the scores.

In the end, though, Figueroa remained unbeaten in a unanimous decision, winning by scores of 116-112 and 115-113 twice.

Omar Figueroa Jr. and Antonio DeMarco

Omar Figueroa Jr., right, used a high-volume attack to dominate the early rounds and gain a unanimous decision over Antonio DeMarco in San Antonio. (Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions)

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