author: Michael Rosenthal

Colbert vs. GarciaPBC Boxing Video
Dec 29, 2022 / Hector Luis Garcia

The PBC Upset of the Year: Colbert vs. Garcia

Sebastian FundoraPBC Boxing Video
Oct 7, 2022 / Fundora vs Ocampo, Sebastian Fundora

Sebastian Fundora Is In Rare Company

Abner MaresPBC Boxing Video
Aug 31, 2022 / Mares vs Flores, Abner Mares

Abner Mares Still Has An Itch for Combat

Mark MagsayoPBC Boxing Video
Jul 5, 2022 / Magsayo vs Vargas, Mark Magsayo

Mark Magsayo is Ready For War

Terrell GaushaPBC Boxing Video
Mar 24, 2022 / Tszyu vs Gausha, Terrell Gausha

Terrell Gausha: The Quiet Storm

Chris ColbertPBC Boxing Video
Feb 25, 2022 / Colbert vs Garcia, Chris Colbert

Five Potential Big Name Opponents for Chris Colbert in 2022

Mark MagsayoPBC Boxing Video
Jan 17, 2022 / Russell vs Magsayo

Is Mark Magsayo The Next Great Filipino Boxer?

Luis OrtizPBC Boxing Video
Dec 30, 2021 / Ortiz vs Martin, Luis Ortiz

Luis "King Kong" Ortiz: The Greatest Hits


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